Trampoline Park and Mini Melts Ice Cream

When you’re seeking an action-packed day with family or friends, trampoline and family amusement parks offer a plethora of activities. From trampoline jumping to arcade games and bowling, fun is just around the corner. One thing that elevates this experience is a unique ice cream treat: Mini Melts.


Innovative Design Meets Delicious Flavor

Mini Melts are far from ordinary. These flash-frozen, pellet-like treats offer a unique texture that dissolves instantly in your mouth. Crafted from premium ingredients, 14% butterfat, every bite adds a burst of flavor that complements a day full of high-adrenaline activities.


The Perfect On-the-Go Treat

In fast-paced venues like trampoline parks and family amusement centers, there’s rarely a moment to sit and enjoy a lengthy snack. Mini Melts fit right into this rapid pace. Their convenient packaging makes it simple for families to carry their treats from one activity to another, allowing for a seamless, fun-filled day.


Easy Access via Vending Machines and Grab-and-Go Freezers

A highlight of Mini Melts is their easy accessibility. Well-positioned vending machines and grab-and-go freezers ensure that you don’t have to wait in long queues to satisfy your ice cream craving. These are available at popular venues, so you know you’re never far from a delicious treat.


A Sweet Partnership

Trampoline and family amusement parks continually strive to enhance the customer experience. Offering Mini Melts aligns perfectly with these venues’ focus on convenience and innovation. The grab-and-go nature of the product, along with strategically placed vending machines, ensures that guests can easily enjoy a quick and delicious treat, allowing them more time for other activities. It’s worth noting that Mini Melts already enjoys partnerships with popular venues like Sky Zone, Urban Air, Main Event, and Dave and Busters, which speaks to the product’s appeal in such high-energy settings.


Mini Melts also finds a symbiotic advantage in this partnership. Entertainment venues like trampoline and family amusement parks attract families and individuals who are after a high-energy, fun environment—exactly the kind of demographic that Mini Melts aims to reach. Placing vending machines and grab-and-go freezers in such venues introduces the unique texture and varied flavors of Mini Melts to a wider audience, boosting its visibility and reach.


The relationship between Mini Melts and these entertainment venues is mutually beneficial. The venues can differentiate themselves by offering a high-quality, unique ice cream product. In return, Mini Melts gains the opportunity to captivate a new and enthusiastic set of consumers who value quality and innovation in their snacks.


A Wide Array of Flavors to Choose From

Mini Melts offer an exciting range of flavors to please every palate. Whether you favor traditional options or are adventurous enough to sample seasonal and limited-time offerings, there’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds. Some of our flavors are, banana split, birthday cake, brownie blast, cake pop, chocolate, cookie dough, cotton candy, rainbow ice (dairy free) and more.



The next time you’re planning an outing to a trampoline or family amusement park, keep an eye out for Mini Melts in vending machines or grab-and-go freezers. They are the perfect ice cream treat to make your adventurous day even more memorable.

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