Mini Melts Ski Resorts

To enhance the experience at any ski resort Mini Melts can be the perfect touch when it comes to a satisfying treat at concession stands from ski resorts to ice skating rinks. Mini Melts is the perfect pairing for winter activities with its unique beaded shape after a long day on the slopes or the ice. Providing the ability to increase revenue and most importantly customer satisfaction.

 Incorporating the Perfect Treat

Incorporating Mini Melts into your ski resort or ice skating rink is effortless. Our dedicated team is there to ensure a smooth setup offering our white glove delivery service to seamlessly blend Mini Melts Ice Cream into your resort’s concessions.

Flavors for all Skiers, Snowboarders or Ice Skaters

With 13 flavors of Mini Melts, there is something to suit each skier, snowboarder, or ice skater’s taste buds. Made up of 14% butterfat all the premium flavors are promised to be the creamiest and the richest in flavor.

Quick and Convenient for the Lunch Rush

With Mini Melts’ offerings of versatile programs, we make the lunch rush run smoothly.

Reducing long lines, automated kiosks or grab-and-go freezers are perfect for a quick treat. For personable interactions, hand scooping is the way to go to see a happy customer smile.

Inclusive Offerings

Accommodating various dietary needs, Mini Melts offers Gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher-certified flavors. This inclusive range broadens your customer base, making Mini Melts the perfect inclusion to your venue.

Mini Melts in Your Ski Resort or Ice Skating Rink

Discover how Mini Melts elevates your ski resort and ice skating rink experience for your customers with our customizable programs to enhance your venue’s appeal. Check out our website to explore more exciting possibilities Visit Minimelts.

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