Mini Melts Bead Ice Cream

Looking for a unique and delightful ice cream experience? Mini Melts is here to transform your ice cream adventures with our innovative bead ice cream. These bite-sized frozen treats offer a burst of flavor, making every moment a celebration.

What Makes Mini Melts Special?

At Mini Melts, we pride ourselves on using premium ingredients to deliver a rich and creamy experience unlike any other. With 14% butterfat, our ice cream ensures each bead is packed with flavor. But what truly sets us apart is the fun, bite-sized format. Whether you’re looking for portion control, a way to share, or just a novel ice cream experience, our bead ice cream is the perfect solution.

Beyond the Rainbow: A World of Flavor Awaits

While our Rainbow ice cream (dairy free) with its swirls of vibrant fruity flavors, is a visual and taste sensation, it’s just the beginning. Our range boasts 13 exciting options, and you might find even more unique flavors at your local store. From the classic Cookies & Cream to the whimsical Cotton Candy, Mini Melts offers a flavor adventure for every taste bud.

The Science Behind the Bead

Our unique bead shape isn’t just for fun. Mini Melts are crafted using a special flash-freezing process called cryogenics. By utilizing liquid nitrogen, we instantly freeze the ice cream beads at extremely low temperatures. This not only locks in the delicious flavor but also contributes to the smooth, creamy texture that makes our ice cream so memorable.

Find Us Near You

Eager to dive into the fun world of Mini Melts? Keep an eye out at convenience stores like Wawa and 7 Eleven, as well as amusement parks like Urban Air, Main Event, Dave & Buster’s, and Sky Zone, zoos, or anywhere you find yourself craving an icy escape.

Mini Melts is more than just ice cream; it’s a bite-sized escape into a world of flavor and fun. So, when you’re looking for a refreshing treat, remember: Mini Melts is here to transform any ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. Discover the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy ice cream in a whole new way.

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