Dan Kilcoyne


Dan Kilcoyne

Dan Kilcoyne is the President and CEO of Mini Melts Ice Cream. Dan started his professional career as a Freshman in High School at his alma mater, Father Judge High School owning small ice cream stands. In 2004 Dan became a distributor for Mini Melts Ice Cream and focused on making the company the leader in Automated Kiosks. In 2009 he expanded the business and acquired the manufacturing facility. Dan describes Mini Melts as a delicious premium experience.

As President/CEO, Dan works with all aspects of the company and engages in relationships with 1,000s of customers. Dan’s favorite part about Mini Melts is the team he is building, each day, and being hands on.

Outside of the entrepreneur life, Dan spends time with his wife and three kids. He also enjoys coaching his son’s baseball and basketball teams. Dan is motivated by his dad, who was there since the beginning of the business and he describes as the hardest working person he has ever known.

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